How Is Wesley Snipes’s Talon of God Doing?

I still remember watching the 1993 hit science fiction movie Demolition Man, starring Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, and, of course, the blonde-haired antagonist doomed to become a human ice sculpture and one of my all-time favorite African-American actors from back in the day, Wesley Snipes. I was a super big fan of the first movie in the Blade trilogy too. He did kick quite a couple of vampire butts in that one. Other favorite Wesley Snipes movies of mine include The Fan, which he starred alongside Robert De Niro, and, of course, the action classic Passenger 57.

Snipes, the man we can now all call Dr. Snipes, had been one of my top movie actors from the 90s and I, like every other former fan of the man, believed that he would’ve starred in even more iconic movies had he not gotten himself locked up for failing to file federal income tax returns. In the The Expendables 3, he played Doc and for me, Snipes made that movie man. I was super thrilled to see him alongside Stallone once again.

I’m ashamed to say though, that until a couple of months ago, I had no idea that Wesley Snipes had co-authored (with Ray Norman, author of Dangerous Love: A True Story of Tragedy, Faith, and Forgiveness in the Muslim World) a science fiction novel called Talon of God in 2017. I was beyond myself. Ecstatic didn’t even begin to describe how I felt. There were a whole bunch of emotions that I was feeling, but, at least one of those emotions was that I was happy. Wesley Snipes wrote a book!

Of course, TOG is not the only book out there with the name Wesley Snipes on the cover. There’s 2010’s After Dark too, a science fiction comic book series made up of three issues that he co-authored along with Antoine Fuqua and Peter Milligan.

In TOG, which is set in the streets of Chicago, it’s demons and their human helpers who are out to build hell on Earth. Lauryn Jefferson, a beautiful young female doctor, is trained by one Talon Hunter to become a spirit warrior after noting how her city is being taken over by a strange drug.

I must admit that the premise of this book, author name W.S. aside, wouldn’t normally be enough to get me to want to read this book and I’m not that big of fan of the whole angels-versus-demons thing because I’ve always been a more vampires-versus-werewolves kind of reader.

Since Wesley Snipes is one of my all-time favorite actors, I couldn’t help but wonder how this book was faring since the date of it’s publication. The book has a 3.65 rating based on 297 ratings and a total of 89 reviews on Goodreads. On Amazon, TOG looks like its doing okay and is an Amazon Best Seller with a better customer rating, but the number of customer reviews is about the same as that on Goodreads.

The question that remains is whether we’ll see Dr. Lauryn Jefferson fighting evil on screen. Snipes has certainly put it out there that indeed, he had written it for exactly this purpose. If it does become a movie, it will certainly appeal to many youths because the young doctor has a strict Baptist preacher for a father and her younger brother is a rapper. Snipes also explores a variety of themes of faith, balancing it well with the action aspect of his book.

For me, the numbers on Goodreads and Amazon don’t look that promising and it could’ve been way better, but it seems that most readers who’ve read it have positive things to say about the book so Snipes and Norman must’ve done something right.

If the opportunity should come along for me to read it, I definitely will. And if the movie comes out, heck yeah I’m watching it.

Image used from Goodreads.


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