Put All New Spins On Your Vampire and Werewolf Novels


Are you perhaps an author who has gotten tired of writing the usual vampire-and-werewolf books? You know, the types of books where vampires have been waging war with werewolves for centuries and the only thing that is really unique about your novel is the origin? Blessed, or cursed, with a head full of the weirdest ideas since birth, I thought I’d offer VW authors a couple of brand new spins, or at least what I think is brand new, to put on their VW book.

The Other Guy. Or Monster…

When it comes to VW books, what readers usually have to look forward to is whether the vampires or werewolves, depending on who the author has painted as the good guys and who the author has painted as the bad guys, will get their behinds whipped. The first spin I’m offering authors is not to build towards this overused and predictable outcome at all. As a matter of fact, forget this outcome exists at all. Rip that page out of that book in your brain and burn it. Then watch it burn. And put a marshmallow over that fire.

You don’t have to build towards that final VW battle at all. You can, in fact, introduce an entirely different monster to serve as the common enemy of both vampires and werewolves. Whether it be zombies, aliens, goblins, or heck, even Bigfoot. It doesn’t really matter who you choose to be the common enemy of your VW novel, as long as they are, in this type of novel, forced to work together in some final epic battle instead of baring their fangs at each other.

A Bloodless Showdown. Make Readers Laugh for a Change…

To quote Christopher Nolan’s version of the Joker, “Why so serious?” Vampires and werewolves are certainly terrifying unnatural freaks that no one wants to encounter while walking home alone at night. I’m quite fond of my blood. And limbs. VW novels tend to be really dark too. Even those YA urban fantasy types told through first person narratives. Vampires and werewolves can kill each other all day long, but readers have seen that a million times.

Why not make your VW novel less of a human butcher shop and more of something to make readers laugh instead. Write some kind of VW comedy book. You can build towards a “bloodless” showdown between the two species. Have them play tennis or golf against each other or something. Or your own invention of a sport. Add some kind of prize to top things off. A pretty human male of female up for grabs or something. Ending your story with a bloodless showdown could really make you stand out from other VW authors.

The Last Samurai. Or Vampire or Werewolf…

Creatures go extinct all the time. Dinosaurs. Mammoths. Sane people. It’s the way the world works. Unfortunately. Obviously, vampires and werewolves have never been the best o’ pals. In pretty much every such book I’ve read they wanted to wipe each other out. Thus, I pose this third never-before-seen spin as an offering: what if, in a world known to have been home to both vampires and werewolves, one of them was on the brink of extinction and people, or one of the freaky two, was trying to prevent that extinction from becoming a reality?

As a quick illustration, let’s use the werewolves as the species about to become a thing of myth. Add in a couple of friendly vampires who have to protect them from other vampires who would kill them, the friendly vampires included, on the spot if they were found, and you have a recipe for a truly unique VW novel. Readers who are major animal lovers would totally feel like they’ve related to the last of those werewolves (or vampires if you wanted).

God Throws a Stone. Vampire and Werewolf Space Ship…

If I were a vampire or a werewolf, I’d live for a pretty long time, no? I’d have years on my hands to learn stuff. Heck, by the time I became a thousand years old, I could be a qualified lawyer, university professor, doctor, movie star, drug lord, rocket scientist, whatever. If I lived a thousand years, I could build something cool. A space ship! And whenever God decided that today He was going to throw a death star in the direction of Planet Earth, I’d say, heck no, kidnap me a couple of blood bags and take my space ship the hell up outta there.

Vampires and werewolves could be the last hope of mankind in your VW novel if you want. If the world was about to be destroyed by something like a gigantic meteor or a killer virus, wouldn’t vampires and werewolves try to do everything in their power to prevent their food supplies from dying off? Wouldn’t vampire and werewolf scientists, after having lived hundreds of years, have enough knowledge to save mankind from any kind of major and world ending threat? Come to think of it, I’ve never actually read about a vampire or werewolf scientist actually doing something good for humanity for a change. You could be the VW author to change that.

Forget Avengers. A Vampire Superhero Team…

I remember reading a VW novel in which the vampires, besides having super strength and speed, had a variety of magical abilities. This got me thinking about finally seeing a vampire superhero team in action. Something along the lines of The Avengers or Justice League. It could be done quite easily. Factors for VW authors to take into account would certainly be whether to make the sun an obstacle or not for vampires and whether or not to give their werewolf enemies superhero abilities as well.

Vampires having super abilities might not be an entirely new thing in itself, but certainly, a superhero team consisting of vampires would be something new-ish. If the world knew that the superheroes protecting them were blood sucking vampires as well, that would be another interesting avenue for VW authors to explore. Questions that the humans will obviously have will include how the vampires are sustaining themselves. Don’t forget the werewolves.

A Vampire and Werewolf Utopia. Human Clones to Dine On…

As a VW author, perhaps you can create a perfect utopia for your vampires and werewolves to live in. A world in which these two monsters of the night are actually living in peace among one another with an endless supply of brain-dead humans to drain and barbecue. Or, if not brain-dead human beings, human clones because actual humans have all died out or the humans are actually the ones creating the human clones and they, too, are living in this utopia.

Of course, seeing that it’s a VW that you’re writing, you’ll have to figure out who’ll be the one to cause problems in this VW utopia and what kind of conflicts your vampires and werewolves will be faced with. It could be entirely political or even a simple romance novel set in this unique world of yours. There is a lot that authors can play with when it comes to creating a world like this. I would read it just because its the type of book that I haven’t read before.


Though not exactly so, when vampires clash with werewolves it’s almost similar to the age old battle between good and evil. That’s why I’ll always be a huge fan of VW books. Overused and vexatious origin ideas and all. But sometimes, I do wish that authors would put some never-before-seen spins on their VWs. I hope these spins sound bloody tasty enough for all you VW authors to implement into projects of your own. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

“Vampires! Werewolves! Let’s kill each other!” TV remote. Switch off. Sleep.

Images used found on Pixabay.


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